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Hows Wood from Hollins FarmEskdale and its environs

Eskdale is smiply put "SPECIAL" It is in the Lake District national park, but far from the madding crowds, a little bit further to travel, maybe a little more effort required to arrive. Hardknott pass an obsticle or perhaps a divine barrier keeping the hoards in Windermere, Ambleside and Langdale.Hardknott pass

Yet for those intrepid soles that make the journey over the passes or round the coast a gem awaits to be discovered. The Valley is defined by our magical river Esk which winds down from near Scafell pike to the sea at Ravenglass. Passing through the great mossy bog (Great Moss) tumbling over pink granite and grey shale at the Dubs( great for swimming in summer)Wild swimming in the river Esk to Brotherilkeld from whence it meanders through the ancient oak woodlands with gentle cascades and the occasional force, finally meeting the sea after a few short miles in the shadow of Muncaster Castle (poetic licence the castle is on the northern bank so does not really cast a shadow!)

Sunset at Ravenglass

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